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April 29 2017

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Inspirational post of the day.

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No time to explain lets go

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Actually genuinenly enjoying my customer service job sometimes


Customer (calling from Ireland): “Yes hello, I would like to -”

Sheep in the background: *gentle baa*

Customer: “Uh, sorry, what I want to do is -”

Sheep: *slightly more insistent baa*

Customer: “No, not now! -cough- Excuse me. I have a reservation and -”


Customer: Arnulf! Please be quiet, I am on the phone! … Sorry, I sincerely apologize on behalf of Arnulf.”

me: “I love and forgive him.”

Customer: “Don’t, he doesn’t deserve it. Anyway, I’m calling about -”

Arnulf: *small, very self-satisfied baa*

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Honestly one of my fave posters at a Women’s March

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I have an army

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Cats Using Dogs as Pillows (see 15 more)

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‘The Green Brain’ (1971, author: Frank Herbert) by Bruce Pennington. Image from Ultraterranium: The Paintings of Bruce Pennington (1991)

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Yes, I would like a baby goat loaf, please

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